How IT Works

We are the first WiFi provider that allows end users to have a full control over their privacy and personal data whist offering a fast and reliable internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • When you visit your favourite places which use Daffodil WiFi you'll be able to connect to their WiFi for free.
  • You'll enter a few details to connect to the WiFi
  • Instant access and that's it!



  • When you first connect to Daffodil WiFi you will receive an email to confirm your details
  • You can select a link in the email to register your details with Daffodil WiFi
  • This will give you quicker access in the future and allow you to see your data


  • Once you've registered your account you can login in to the Daffodil WiFi portal on any device
  • See where and when you logged in to a Daffodil WiFi hotspot
  • See what data Daffodil WiFi & businesses with Daffodil WiFi hold on you
  • Add, edit and delete any of the data you want, it's all in your control